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What are the costs of living with a spinal cord injury?

Spinal cord injuries are serious medical conditions that can leave victims with life-long medical problems. Depending upon the cause of the injury, the treatment the victim receives after their incident, the location of their harm on their spinal cord and a number of other factors, a person may be forced to live their entire life without the capacity to move certain parts of their body. That is because paralysis is associated with spinal cord injuries and this post will inform Connecticut residents of the expected and unexpected costs that may be incurred when a spinal cord injury happens.

First, a person who suffers a spinal cord injury will likely have to spend time in the hospital, visit with specialists, and possibly undergo surgeries and other procedures to improve their chances of achieving a full recovery from their harm. These medical costs can reach into the tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Next, a person may lose the capacity to work if paralysis prevents them from doing their job. A person who cannot work may struggle to pay their bills and may be unable to cover the costs of their medical care, which can be of great detriment to a person who suffers from a severe condition like a spinal cord injury.

Finally, if a person does not recover from their injury, cannot go back to work, and cannot care for themselves, the costs of seeking and securing daily help can be astronomical. The Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation estimates that a 25-year-old who suffers paraplegia (the loss of movement and/or sensation below the waist) may incur costs of more than $2.3 million over the course of their lifetime due to their spinal cord injury.

Spinal cord injuries can lead to permanent medical problems and changes in victims' lives. While this post provides no medical, financial, or legal advice it is offered to give readers an idea of how their economic lives may be impacted after suffering such tragic injuries. Those whose injuries were caused by others may want to discuss their options for seeking their damages with attorneys who work in the personal injury field.

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