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Hardships can follow an auto-pedestrian crash

Car accidents happen often throughout Connecticut, but from time to time New Haven news outlets will cover the disturbing stories of vehicles colliding with pedestrians. These crashes can involve fatalities and often involve serious personal injuries suffered by the unfortunate individuals who were struck by moving automobiles. In the wake of an auto-pedestrian accident, a victim or their family may face a number of challenges.

Pedestrians who are injured in vehicle collisions can face long roads to recovery in order to mend their accident-related ailments. It can take months or longer for a person to rehabilitate a serious injury, such as one to the spinal cord and, in some cases, the damage inflicted from a collision with a car can be permanent. When full recovery is not possible a victim may need to hire help or seek assistance with managing their everyday needs.

When pedestrians are killed in crashes with vehicles they may not be the only victims in such incidents. Their loved ones, such as their spouses and dependents, may find themselves in a precarious position as they scramble to provide the deceased victim with a funeral and burial and work to manage without the income and support the deceased party provided.

An accident between a vehicle and a pedestrian may form the factual basis for a number of negligence-based personal injury claims. The Gillis Law Firm attempts to help New Haven residents who have suffered losses from vehicle collisions, including those who have been victimized in auto-pedestrian crashes.

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