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August 2018 Archives

What are the costs of living with a spinal cord injury?

Spinal cord injuries are serious medical conditions that can leave victims with life-long medical problems. Depending upon the cause of the injury, the treatment the victim receives after their incident, the location of their harm on their spinal cord and a number of other factors, a person may be forced to live their entire life without the capacity to move certain parts of their body. That is because paralysis is associated with spinal cord injuries and this post will inform Connecticut residents of the expected and unexpected costs that may be incurred when a spinal cord injury happens.

Preventing burns among restaurant workers

While many industries in Connecticut carry the risk of burns for their workers, few can match the amount of burn hazards seen in a restaurant. With how quickly cooks must operate at, there is a high possibility that they can slip and dump dangerously hot liquid on their face or misplace their hand on a hot handle or fryer.

Head injuries can result from motor vehicle accidents

Injuries to the head and brain can be very serious and can leave victims with long-term and permanent conditions. These types of injuries can happen in many different ways, but Connecticut residents who suffer trauma in motor vehicle accidents may sustain traumatic brain injuries from their involvement in such crashes. The information offered in this post is not intended to be used as medical or legal advice but rather an introduction to one very serious form of harm car accident victims can sustain.

What is a repetitive stress injury?

It is a misconception to believe that the only types of injuries that construction and warehouse workers face are those that result from large-scale events, such as falls, crushing injuries and heavy equipment incidents. In fact, individuals who work in these lines of employment may suffer serious workplace injuries that parallel those often suffered by office and desk workers. Workers in a variety of fields can suffer repetitive stress injuries and can lose time from their jobs because of them.

Hardships can follow an auto-pedestrian crash

Car accidents happen often throughout Connecticut, but from time to time New Haven news outlets will cover the disturbing stories of vehicles colliding with pedestrians. These crashes can involve fatalities and often involve serious personal injuries suffered by the unfortunate individuals who were struck by moving automobiles. In the wake of an auto-pedestrian accident, a victim or their family may face a number of challenges.

How a third-party may be responsible for a personal injury

When an accident occurs it is oftentimes expected that one of the parties acted negligently and that the other party suffered harm as a result of that negligence. This can be the most general structure of a motor vehicle accident lawsuit or practically any other negligence-based personal injury case, such as a slip-and-fall lawsuit or a pedestrian collision. However, victims of personal injury accidents in New Haven should know that, in some cases, liability may lie with parties other than those directly involved in the injury-causing incidents.

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