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What is a wrongful death?

A wrongful death can result from any negligence-based incident. Commonly, they occur when motor vehicle accidents are fatal and families are left without the love and support of individuals they care about. Under personal injury law, surviving family members may be able to seek damages.

A wrongful death generally involves the negligence or recklessness of another person. They are not the result of self-inflicted harm, but rather they happen when other people make mistakes or act carelessly and someone else loses their life. As mentioned, car accidents are a common type of event that can result in wrongful deaths, but they can also happen from products liability accidents, slip and fall incidents and even allegedly criminal conduct.

When a death occurs at the hands of another person, the death may be addressed in the criminal courts if the responsible individual broke a criminal law in the commission of their fatal act. However, the relatives of a person who dies in a wrongful death accident or incident may be left with significant bills and expenses when their loved one loses their life.

To this end, a wrongful death claim may be available to individuals who counted on the deceased party for love, nurturing and support. A wrongful death claim may help the surviving family members establish financial security if their loved one was the breadwinner for their family. Each of these types of cases is unique, so any Connecticut family who believes they may have a claim under wrongful death law may need to get more information about their unique circumstances.

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