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Car accident injuries can be serious and costly

While not every Connecticut resident who is involved in a motor vehicle crash will suffer serious injuries as a result of their collision, those who do may be left with long-term health problems that they will have to cope with for the rest of their lives. This post will introduce some of the common injuries that car accident victims may suffer and the associated costs that attach when victims must live with them.

It is a sad truth that head injuries are common in car accident collisions. Even when individuals wear seatbelts their heads may be jerked forward and back. This action may result in the victims' heads hitting steering wheels, windows, dashboards, windshields and other hard parts of the cars' interiors. Bruises, lacerations and even concussions and traumatic brain injuries can result when victims' heads are harmed.

Spinal injuries can also result from serious car accidents. The same body movements that may lead to head injuries can also harm victims' necks and spines. Whiplash is a common injury for car accident victims, but individuals who suffer trauma to their spinal columns below their necks may become paralyzed if their traumas are great.

Living with brain injuries, spinal injuries, damaged organs and other significant injuries can be expensive They may keep victims out of the work they are accustomed to doing for pay and may force them to expend large amounts of their savings on paying for their medical care. Victims should not have to pay for these costs on their own. Personal injury claims can help victims seek and recover their damages so that they have help living their post-accident lives.

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