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“No Recovery, No Fee”

A discussion of personal injury slip-and-fall cases

Even the most sure-footed Connecticut residents sometimes succumb to slippery floors, uneven carpets and other common hazards and suffer trips, slips and falls. When they do they may be inclined to blame themselves or their own clumsiness for any injuries that result; they should be aware, however, the slip-and-fall incidents may be preventable had other parties met their duties of care and avoided negligence.

Consider, for example, the patron of a movie theater who suffers a serious fall while walking to their seat. In the dim light of the theater the patron did not see that a large portion of the aisle carpeting had buckled, leaving lumps and raised portions of the flooring. If the movie theater owner should have known about the hazard or had knowledge of it and took no steps to remedy it, they may be responsible for the harm suffered by the patron.

In situations such as the one just described, property owners have a responsibility to maintain the premises that they allow others to visit and use. When individuals are invited or welcomed onto properties they should be able to expect that they will not suffer harm from unexpected dangers. The movie theater owner's failure to fix the hazard or to warn the patron of the present danger may leave them liable for the patron's resulting injuries.

Slip-and-fall injuries can result in serious physical and mental trauma. Victims of these often preventable negligence-based scenarios can endure lingering pain and suffering long after they have begun to recover. Victims also have rights to pursue compensation for their losses, though, and consultation with personal injury attorneys can be a good way for victims to start the process of understanding their legal options.

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