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July 2018 Archives

Car accident injuries can be serious and costly

While not every Connecticut resident who is involved in a motor vehicle crash will suffer serious injuries as a result of their collision, those who do may be left with long-term health problems that they will have to cope with for the rest of their lives. This post will introduce some of the common injuries that car accident victims may suffer and the associated costs that attach when victims must live with them.

A discussion of personal injury slip-and-fall cases

Even the most sure-footed Connecticut residents sometimes succumb to slippery floors, uneven carpets and other common hazards and suffer trips, slips and falls. When they do they may be inclined to blame themselves or their own clumsiness for any injuries that result; they should be aware, however, the slip-and-fall incidents may be preventable had other parties met their duties of care and avoided negligence.

Who is most likely to drive distracted, it's not who you think

The stereotype of a teenage girl many of us have in our head is of a chatty, giggling, phone addict who is completely lost in their own world. When that scenario translates inside of a car, it is an easy recipe for a case of distracted driving. However, it may surprise you that according to a new study, it is not young women, but young men that are more prone to distracted driving.

Tractor trailer accidents can be deadly in Connecticut

Motorists in Connecticut, and all other states, often share the roads with tractor trailers and other large, commercial vehicles. While this is typically not a matter of concern, a big rig that becomes involved in a crash can turn what might have been a run-of-the-mill fender bender into a deadly pile-up. As roads and highways become increasingly crowded, these types of truck accidents seem to be more and more common.

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