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Drivers in Connecticut are the most unsafe in nation

Using its EverDrive app to analyze more than 781 million miles of driving data that it compiled in 2017, EverQuote - an online insurance aggregator - was able to conclude that Connecticut is home to the United States' least safe drivers. However, drivers in the state shouldn't feel particularly singled out. The other four states among the five worst were also in the Northeast: Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Delaware and Maryland.

The EverDrive Safe Driving Report 2018 examined five unsafe driving behaviors that could lead to car accidents, personal injury or even death. These included speeding, phone use, hard braking, acceleration and hard turning. On a national basis, 38 percent of all trips analyzed in 2017 included speeding; 37 percent included phone use; 23 percent included hard braking; 14 percent included aggressive acceleration; and 11 percent involved hard turning.

Drivers in Connecticut were speeding on 56 percent of their 2017 trips. But, they used their phones at a rate that is lower than the national average - only 34 percent of the time. This may be due to Connecticut's relatively-strict distracted driving laws, as well as its ban on handheld electronic devices. Overall, drivers in the Northeast speed more and accelerate more aggressively than drivers in other regions.

The safest drivers tended to live in lightly-populated mountain and plains states: Montana topped the list, followed by Wyoming, South Dakota, Alaska and Idaho. Notably, drivers in Montana, Wyoming and South Dakota had low instances of speeding, 19, 22 and 20 percent, respectively. This could be attributable to the higher speed limits on the states' less-trafficked roads and highways.

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