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Construction sites pose risks for Connecticut workers

Construction sites are well-known for the dangers they pose not only to visitors and passers-by, but also to the women and men who work on them. When a construction worker is injured on the job while performing their duties, filing a workers' compensation claim is typically the only recourse available to the worker. In Connecticut, the construction industry accounts for a large percentage of the workers' compensation claims filed in the state each year.

A recent construction accident in Vernon -- one with tragic consequences -- underscores the types of perils workers face just by showing up on a daily basis. While working on the second floor of a new building that was under construction at an apartment complex, a worker fell through the floor and landed on the next floor below. The worker died from the injuries caused by the 10-foot fall.

The worker was a subcontractor. After the worker was transported to the hospital, other construction workers were cleared from the job site due to safety concerns and so an investigation could be conducted. The U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is working with the property owner and the general contractor to determine the cause of the accident.

Construction accidents are, unfortunately, too common an occurrence in Connecticut. When a worker has been injured on the job, the primary concerns are often recovering from the injuries and finding a way to make ends meet. But, workers' comp is not always the most clear-cut process. The assistance of an experienced workers' compensation attorney can help to make the process easier to navigate.

Source: NBC Connecticut, "Construction Worker Dead After Falling Through Floor at Apartments in Vernon," April 27, 2018

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