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TV host drunk and distracted in Connecticut crash

Drunk and distracted drivers are leading causes of traffic fatalities in Connecticut, as well as across the United States. Drunk drivers kill thousands of motorists every year and the death toll from distracted driving as increased steadily as people have become more attached to their mobile devices. The potential for property damage, personal injury, or death from such negligence seems to grow every year and other than driving defensively, there is little that other motorists can do about it.

Recently, Steve Wilkos, host of a television talk show and a former law enforcement officer, proved the dangers of both drunken and distracted driving when he terrorized motorists in Darien, Connecticut. Speeding and careening through the streets, Wilkos' driving forced other motorists to pull over to the side of the road in order to avoid getting into a car accident or possibly being injured.

The TV host eventually collided with utility poles, then hit a tree and flipped his SUV onto the road. Wilkos initially said he was reaching for his glasses, and was thus distracted from driving. But police found his blood alcohol content to be .29, almost four times the legal limit in Connecticut. Charged with drunk driving, the former cop illustrates much of what can go wrong when a driver is drunk or distracted. It is fortunate that, through their own defensive maneuvers, no one else was injured.

Other than criminal charges, a drunk or distracted driver who injures a pedestrian or another motorist will likely be on the hook for civil damages, as well. Those injured by the negligence of such drivers may be entitled to compensation for the injuries and property damage they suffered. The assistance of a seasoned personal injury lawyer can help ensure that the victims receive all the recompense to which they are entitled.

Source: TMZ, "Steve Wilkos speeding, swerving, reeked of booze at scene of DUI wreck," Feb. 26, 2018

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