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Bridge collapse concerns reach as far as Connecticut

The high-profile collapse of a pedestrian bridge in Miami, which killed six people and injured several others, has caused concern as far as Connecticut. When a construction or design defect results in an accident that causes personal injury and/or death, people are often quick to start pointing fingers. But such accidents typically require an extensive investigation before the culpable party or parties can be identified.

Accidents like the collapsed bridge, which was still under construction, highlight some of the potential risks that poor design or assembly pose to the public, as well as to workers on the job site. Non-workers who are injured in such an accident can attempt to recover for their injuries by pursuing a number of legal remedies. Premises liability, strict liability and negligence could all be used to pursue a claim for such egregious disregard for public safety.

Workers on the construction site are also at risk. If they were on the job at the time they were injured, they may only be able to rely on workers' compensation to assist them with the wage loss and medical bills associated with their injuries. On the other hand, in cases where the lack of concern for worker safety reaches a certain level, injured workers may be able to pursue other avenues of recovery.

People who have been injured in a construction accident that is due to a defect in the design or building of a structure may be entitled to compensation for their injuries - whether they were an otherwise innocent bystander or were working on the job at the time of the accident. The extent to which a victim is able to recover damages will depend largely on such circumstances. For these reasons, the assistance of an attorney who is experienced in construction accident cases can be crucial.

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