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March 2018 Archives

Proving negligence in Connecticut

Personal injury cases - whether a slip-and-fall or an accident caused by a drunk driver - usually hinge on the concept of negligence. From a legal perspective, negligence is a little different from the dictionary definition. To prove that a defendant was legally negligent in Connecticut, a plaintiff - the person or party injured - must show that five criteria are met.

Bridge collapse concerns reach as far as Connecticut

The high-profile collapse of a pedestrian bridge in Miami, which killed six people and injured several others, has caused concern as far as Connecticut. When a construction or design defect results in an accident that causes personal injury and/or death, people are often quick to start pointing fingers. But such accidents typically require an extensive investigation before the culpable party or parties can be identified.

Nor'easter causes car accidents in Connecticut

A line of nor'easters has slammed Connecticut over the last few weeks. Apart from traffic snarls, property damage, school closures and all the other typical woes associated with foul weather, the state also experienced an uptick in car accidents. Storm-related accidents did result in some personal injury, but fortunately, no fatalities were reported in accidents during the most recent nor'easter to strafe the state.

Ice and snow create hazards in Connecticut

When a nor'easter pounds Connecticut, the hazards extend beyond whipping winds and surging floodwaters. Snow, ice and even fallen branches can create a hazard for members of the public who are trying to negotiate a sidewalk or enter a building. If such a hazard results in an injury, the party responsible for keeping the right of way clear may be on the hook for damages and expenses that arise from the injury.

TV host drunk and distracted in Connecticut crash

Drunk and distracted drivers are leading causes of traffic fatalities in Connecticut, as well as across the United States. Drunk drivers kill thousands of motorists every year and the death toll from distracted driving as increased steadily as people have become more attached to their mobile devices. The potential for property damage, personal injury, or death from such negligence seems to grow every year and other than driving defensively, there is little that other motorists can do about it.

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