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Winter weather and tractor-trailers make a dangerous mix

Because of their size and weight, the involvement of a truck, whether a pick-up, sport-utility vehicle (SUV) or tractor trailer, can exacerbate the amount of damage and injury caused by an accident. In accidents where there is a significant difference in size between the vehicles involved, like a big rig versus a passenger car, the damage can be catastrophic. The potential dangers that trucks pose to other drivers can be amplified by winter weather or icy conditions.

A series of truck accidents that occurred over the course of four days in Connecticut illustrates just how dangerous the mix of winter weather and trucks can be, causing delays, damage, personal injury, or even death. In one such accident, a passenger car lost control on a snowy Interstate 395, crossed the media and collided with a tractor trailer, causing the latter to jackknife. The freeway was closed for several hours.

In another instance, a tractor trailer accident that happened in the early morning hours near Greenwich closed down two lanes of traffic on Interstate 95. Although no injuries were reported, the results could certainly have been more drastic had the Interstate been more crowded with commuters. Other truck accident victims are not so fortunate: A state trooper was killed when a pickup truck collided head on with her patrol vehicle.

When a driver or a loved one is injured by a truck on Connecticut's wintry roads, they may be entitled to compensation for the damages, injuries, and expenses incurred as a result of the crash. A seasoned personal injury lawyer can help investigate the accident and get to the bottom of what caused it. Then they can help to ensure that the victims recover all that they are entitled to.

Source:, "Interstate 395 back open in Norwich after jackknifed tractor trailer accident," Alex Ceneviva, Jan. 30, 2018

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