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Common injuries on construction sites

Working on a construction site can be very dangerous. Construction workers understand this better than anyone. Not only is the work rigorous, but there can be significant risks for personal injuries, as well. The CDC reports that for every 100 full-time construction workers, 4.3 will experience a nonfatal injury or illness pertaining to work.

There are a few common types of construction injuries. The specifics of these injuries can vary depending on the severity, the cause, and the location where the injury took place. These are a few common types of construction injuries:

  • Falls

Falls are one of the most common construction injuries. Whether you are working from a crane, a roof, a scaffold, or a ladder, if you fall, you could become severely injured.

  • Falling objects

An object falling from above can also prove dangerous. It could even cause a brain or spinal injury, even if you are wearing appropriate safety gear like a hardhat.

  • Equipment injuries

The machinery used on construction sites can also cause injuries. If the equipment is dangerous or someone has been mishandling it, you could have the grounds for a personal injury lawsuit.

  • Backovers and crushed-betweens

A large truck that is backing up could potentially back over and injure a worker. Being crushed between a piece of machinery and a wall is another frightening hazard.

  • Fires and explosions

While fires and explosions are less frequent on construction sites, they can prove fatal to multiple workers.

  • Collapses

Collapses are another cause of personal injury to construction workers. If a trench or a structure should collapse on construction employees, the consequences could be critical.

  • Overexertion

Over time, the physical rigor of construction work can cause a type of injury called overexertion. Overexertion can include repetitive motion injuries, muscle damage, heat stroke, and frostbite.

  • Lead exposure

Working on old or unsafe construction sites can expose construction workers to lead—a potentially fatal metal that can cause serious physical harm.

  • Respiratory diseases

Construction workers also face the risk of potentially deadly respiratory diseases. If you are suffering from a respiratory condition resulting from your work conditions—or if you struggle with any of the other personal injuries listed here—then you may want to contact an attorney who is experienced in personal injury and workers’ compensation.

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