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When contractors don't pay workers' compensation in Connecticut

There's been a boom in the construction industry in the state of Connecticut. New Haven construction workers may have an opportunity to work at these new sites. However, workers are often at risk of being defrauded by construction firms.

How is this possible? Recent investigations by the U.S. Labor Department found out that some contractors often employ undocumented workers. This may prevent the workers from obtaining compensation when they sustain injuries on the job. New Haven workers' compensation attorneys may prevent the onset of such situations by educating the workers about their rights in case they are injured. New Haven workers' compensation lawyers may also provide assistance to workers who are denied their claims.

Another recent investigation in Connecticut by federal labor officials revealed payroll fraud on four major construction sites. The officials found out that some construction companies have registered their workers as independent contractors instead of enlisting them as employees. Some of the companies do not pay insurance or Social Security for their workers.

These practices enable contractors and companies to evade the law by not paying overtime pay and minimum wage. When undocumented employees are injured on the job, some of them do not receive workers' compensation from their employers. Taxpayers are the ones who are paying the medical expenses of workers who do not receive workers' compensation. And when the injured workers become unemployed, they may still receive financial assistance through the help of taxpayers. This clearly shows that taxpayers are shouldering the burden of assisting injured workers when in fact it is the responsibility of the employers and contractors.

Workers injured on the job need someone who can protect their rights from abusive employers and contractors. This is possible through the help of legal professionals. Legal professionals can help by giving advice and providing the best possible action with regard to their claim. Through the help of legal professionals, the injured party may obtain full compensation for medical treatment and other related expenses.

Source: Stamford Advocate, "Time for a developers' Hippocratic oath?" Angela Carella, Jan. 26, 2013

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