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New Haven residents may learn from slip and fall case

Although accidents that result in injuries usually occur outdoors, commercial properties and crowded indoor places are not exempt from accidents. When an individual in New Haven sustains injuries on another person's property, New Haven premises liability lawyers may be able to determine whether the circumstances give rise to a premises liability case. Such a case results from many things, including dog attacks, inadequate security and other dangerous conditions.

However, wet interior floors and icy sidewalks are among the most common conditions that create accidents. In fact, a slip and fall accident outside a Belleville, Illinois, hospital in February 2011 led to a lawsuit filing in early December. According to court records, a man slipped and fell in St. Elizabeth Hospital's parking lot and reportedly suffered severe injuries. As a result, both the plaintiff and his wife filed a lawsuit against the hospital.

The plaintiff alleges that the hospital failed to prevent dangerous conditions on its premises. The suit claims that snow moved to a northern portion of the parking lot melted. The water then flowed over the parking lot and froze there.

Also, the hospital was allegedly negligent for allowing the slippery conditions in the parking lot without warning visitors about the potential hazards. The lawsuit seeks over $50,000 in damages for medical costs, emotional suffering and various losses. The plaintiff's wife also is asking for over $50,000 damages for loss of consortium.

When it comes to premises liability cases, negligence can make a property owner accountable for damages and injuries. An injured party may have the right to compensation to alleviate financial burdens resulting from the injury. Also, premises liability cases also vary by state and situation. Therefore, injured New Haven residents may want to seek the assistant of a New Haven premises liability law firm.

Source:, "Slip and fall at St. Elizabeth's leads to suit," Andrea Dearden, Jan. 3, 2013

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