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A Hartford, Connecticut, woman is upset that she was not told by authorities that her children had been in a school bus accident and that no medical help was provided following a mid-November mishap. Motor vehicle accidents such as this often result from human actions such as distracted driving. These types of accidents can result in many different injuries, one of which is back pain or spinal cord injuries. When this is the case, a New Haven back injury law firm will be able to determine the best action to be taken.

The woman says she was in a state of shock when she found out that her children were involved. Neither the school bus company nor school administrators informed her right away, she said. She learned about it from her eight-year-old son when he called to tell her that he and his sister had been caught in an accident near their school in Hartford.

According to the bus company, the driver failed to set an emergency brake after stopping to attend to a disturbance on the bus. The bus rolled backward and damaged a vehicle behind it. The company said it had been retraining its drivers to ensure the safety of students at all times.

A company spokesperson also said that the notification issue ran counter to standard procedures and that it should have notified the school, which would then contact parents.

The mother said her children had experienced back pains but were examined at a local hospital and found to be all right. She was not seeking legal action, only answers to her questions.

Back pains may indicate serious problems, including spinal cord injury. Treating a damaged spinal cord can be expensive, but not treating a back injury as soon as possible can alter a person's life.

In a case like this, victims of accidents who sustain injuries may be able to file a claim against the negligent party to receive compensation. Legal professionals can help those who have suffered back and spinal cord injuries, enabling them to recover the financial resources needed to ensure faster healing.

Source: NbcConnecticut.com, "Mom demanding answers from school and bus company after accident," Stephania Jimenez, Nov. 30, 2012

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