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A 35-year-old south Connecticut woman faces charges from a dog attack that happened last August. When dog attacks happen in Connecticut, injury victims may seek advice from New Haven premises liability lawyers in order to carefully review applicable personal injury laws.

According to police, the accused woman's pit bull attacked a 74-year-old neighbor as he walked his terrier along a local road. The woman's pit bull broke its leash and then bit the victim in the legs and attacked the terrier. The man was taken to the hospital with severe injuries on his arms and legs that required surgery. The terrier's wounds were so severe that the animal had to be euthanized.

The dog owner was charged with annoyance by a dog, which means that the animal was on the road and barked at and bit an individual. The owner faces violations of failure to license a dog and owning a dog that is prone to attack others. The town's animal control officer said the pit bull that caused the incident had been taken into custody and put down.

Naturally, dog owners should know how to take care of their pets and provide basic needs. Apart from these, dog owners must understand the potential threat of attack and serious injury and their animals pose to people and other animals.

According to Connecticut's strict liability law, the dog owner is accountable for the result of the incident. Victims who suffered injuries from dog attacks may be compensated for medical expenses required to address injuries and therapy to work through emotional distress. The compensation may continue until the injured party completely recovers from an attack.

Source: The Day, "Pit bull attack leads to charges against Groton woman," Greg Smith, Nov. 12, 2012

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